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Alpha-Inspire is an idea I’ve had for over 20 years, it’s been an evolution of creative ideas, storytelling, and artistry. As an art teacher I see that students are hungry for inspiration not just from the masters, but from “real” people, artists that live today, and more importantly, live to inspire young creative minds. So here I am.. asking you to join me in a collaborative series of artistic inspiration.

What is Alpha-Inspire?

Well, in short, it’s a collaborative work of heART. Alpha-Inspire is a set of 26 picture books, one book for each letter of the alphabet. Each book contains a collection of art inspired by its given letter, this art will be created by us… art teachers and artists! The book design and creation will be my effort. Each chosen artist will receive a double-page spread; one page to highlight the artwork, and another page to highlight the title and the artist. 

The purpose? To inspire young and creative minds. It’s a book everyone can pick up, flip through, and find something they love, something that inspires them to put their pencil on the paper and DRAW! Something that says, Wow, all these artists were given was a letter, and look what they came up with!

The meat of the Project

Current project… “A” Go! 

Your mission, if you choose to take it, is to make art around the letter A. What does that mean? Well that’s up to you. Maybe you’re a painter, or a cartoonist, or a graphic artist, or a weaver, or a collagist. Maybe you choose to make art about the letter A itself. Maybe you create a title containing words that start with the letter A, for example, Arthur Alligator and Aidan Ant walk into the Aspen Air. The world is your oyster, be as creative as you can and use whatever mediums you wish. Have fun, be silly, and inspire. 

The parameters checklist

Is your artwork square?

Your submission should be square. Why? Because then you aren’t limited by size. If you submit a square artwork to Alpha-Inspire, then I can shrink or enlarge it to fit the book and none of the art will be lost. It’s a win-win :)


Is your artwork signed?

This is your chance to stand out and be recognized! Avoid signing along the edge of the work as it could be cut off by a bleed. Try and hide it somewhere within the art.


Is your artwork titled?

The title will be a prominent part of the left-hand page. It could be one word or many, but please try to stick to most words beginning with A. It’s the A book after all!


Is your artwork suitable for children?

Even though art seeking lovers everywhere will love to look at this over coffee in their armchair, the intended audience is school-aged children. Keep things light, appropriate, and interesting for them. 


In short, notoriety. Sounds amazing, right? 

Unfortunately, I cannot offer compensation. You will be giving me permission to use your art in a published book. And in that book will be your art, your photo, and a small bio about you, the artist. This is why Alpha-Inspire is a collaborative work of heART. 

But oh, how joyous it will be when you tell young Joey to go pick up Book A and flip to page 44… notice anything Joey? It’s me! And young Joey looks up with those beaming eyes in awe… oh the glory!

Can I sweeten the pot?

Every artist’s name who enters a submission will be put into a hat. After the submission deadline is complete. We will draw 3 names who will receive a gift card from your favorite art store or supplier, it’s your choice! The drawing will be live recorded.  

Is there a chance my art will not be published?

I’m going to have to say yes for two reasons even though I don’t want to. 

Because A is the first letter of the alphabet and it’s my first Alpha-Inspire book, I’m unsure of submission quantity. 

Also, the artwork will have to be completely appropriate for school-aged children. If there is a question at all as to the suitability for young eyes, it will be removed from the options. 

Go get 'em tiger!

If this all sounds fun to you then go inspire! And when you’re done creating your masterpiece, head over to the submission page to take the next step in creatively inspiring those youngsters! I look forward to getting to Alpha-Inspire with you!

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